Ozone Generators

Ozone is the most powerful natural gas used for environment sanitization and sterilisation.

Sanificatore ad Ozono DBA 600

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Sanificatore ad Ozono DAC 10G

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How an Ozone Generator works

All DIEN Ozone Generators are very easy to use. Just put it into a delimited area you want to sanitize and turn it on. Depending on the size of the environment and generator power, sanitization can last from a few minutes to a maximum of a few hours. Here’s an example:

cubic meters

Sanitized Area

Domestic environment, bedroom, kitchen, garage, etc.



Set ozone output from digital display.

Press Start


Put the generator inside a delimited space and press start to launch treatment


Treatment time

Remember to wait few minutes before entering in a sanitized room.


No dead zones

Thanks to its gaseous state, ozone can reach all angles of a delimited area.

smoke sanitization ozone virus cov

viruses and bacteria

It guarantees a high-quality sanitization based on HACCP standards, destroying 99% of viruses and bacteria

smoke sanitization ozone 2

odor removal

Ozone molecules connect with organic and inorganic substances particles and remove bad odor cause.

smoke sanitizing ozone nuts

shelf life

Ozone extends Food quality and shelf life.

no maintenance

It reduces sanitization costs and has no maintenance.

insects and mouses

A well-sanitized ozone environment eliminates insects such as acarus, fleas, ticks, lice, moths, cockroaches and mosquitos.

eco friendly

Ozone removes the use of chemicals which are difficult to dispose of and really harmful for both humans and environment.

Sanitization treatment
with DIEN Ozone Generator

first phase

0 %
first phase

The oxygen is transformed into ozone

second phase

1 %
second phase

The ozone produced by the machine eliminates viruses and bacteria on surfaces

third phase

1 %
third phase

Ozone turns into oxygen and air is purified

Data obtained from the DPA-20G generator