ozone generator 2 dba 600 dien
ozone generator 2 dba 600 dien
ozone generator 2 dba 600 dien
DBA-600 ozone sanitizer
DBA-600 ozone sanitizer

DBA-600 Ozone Generator, Domestic Sanitizer for Environments, Water and Food up to 12 m³/hour, Air & Water, CE and RoHS Certifications

This model is recommended for domestic use in particular to purify air, water and sanitize food (watch video).

The use of DBA-600 Ozone sanitizer is addressed to domestic spaces and used to sanitize food, such as meat or fish. Just one device used for both Air Purifier and Sanitizer at the same time; it removes bad smells, prevents the onset of mould and kills 99% of viruses, bacteria and bugs.

CE Certification, RoHS


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The innovative DBA-600 Ozone Generator,
will help you to easily remove viruses and bacteria.

Purify and Sanitize

Environments and Food

The use of the Ozone Sanitizer DBA-600 is recommended to sanitize domestic environments, offices and shops. For further information about how to use our ozone generators, we recommend you to read full article at this link. Just one device used for both Air purifier and Sanitizer at the same time. It removes bad odors, prevents the onset of mold, and kills 99% of viruses, bacteria and bugs.

Dien ozone generator

Air disinfection and purification

DBA-600 Ozone sanitizer is used for home, offices and shops. A unique device for both air purifier and sanitizer at the same time. It removes bad odors, prevents the onset of mold, and kills 99% of viruses and bacteria.

Odors Removal

Sterilization, infection prevention, dust removal, bad odors, air regeneration in toilets, refrigerator, wardrobe, animal kennel etc…

ozone generator 2 dba 600 dien

How long does it take to sanitize my environment?

Square meters
Cubic meters

Fish ozonization

Thanks to the additional equipment provided, DBA-600 Ozone generator, is able to neutralize the synthetic hormones, antibiotics and heavy metals contained in fish, by extending the shelf life (food life) with a new freshness.

Meat Ozonization

Thanks to the additional equipment provided, DBA-600 Ozone generator, is able to neutralize the synthetic hormones, antibiotics, auxine and bacteria that could be contained in meat.

Air Purification

Ozone can neutralize numerous viruses and bacteria, prevent infectious diseases, improve air quality and remove bad odors. It can be used for refrigerator, toilets, closets, booties,in order to prevent unpleasant odors and mold. It also removes passive smoking.

Ozone Generator DBA-600

ozone generator 2 dba 600 dien


Digital display


Negative ions output


On/Off Button


Function led


Reduce Time


Increase Time




Ozone Outlet

How to use the DBA-600 generator

Step 1

Do some cleaning in order to remove bad odour source;

ozone generator ambient icon1

Step 2

Set timer for sanitization treatment according to room size;

home icon ozone generator3

Step 3

Wait outside the environment during sanitization treatment;

home icon ozone generator2

Step 4

Open doors and windows to allow a correct ventilation, for at least 1 hour before entering again.

home icon ozone generator

Use and Application



smoke ozone generator



home ozone generator



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formaldehyde ozone generator



ozone generator dac10 dien living room
kitchen odors
ozone generator dac10 dien kitchen fumes


Ozone Generator DBA-600 Sanification Removal of bad odors Air Purification

Ozone Generator DBA-600 Dien MULTIFUNZIONE

ARIA PURIFICATION AND ACQUA Sterilization Removal of bad odors Air Purification

This device uses air as a raw material through Corona Effect technology to produce ozone and generate a certain concentration of ozonized water through ventilation. And through ozone and ozonized water get the purification and sterilization of air and water. Ozone Generator DBA-600 Dien Sanitizes and Removes Bad Smells


Ozone Generator DBA-600 Dien – Decomposition of pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables, auxina and bacteria on meat, to ensure food safety.


Used for disinfection of dishes, underwear, children’s toys and everyday items for daily necessities.


Production of water simply for quenching, for washing the face, for bathing, for the care of beauty and personal hygiene, to relieve and assist the treatment of certain diseases.


Ozone can neutralize numerous viruses and bacteria, prevent infectious diseases, improve air quality within environments, and can remove bad odors; It can be used for refrigerator, toilets, closets, booties, to prevent unpleasant odors and mold.

ANION (negatively charged Ione)

The air we breathe is full of electricity and therefore rich in positive ions and negative ions; The perfect balance between them guarantees our well-being.

Unfortunately, the technological development of human society in recent years and the lifestyle that characterizes us have led to an excessive concentration of positive ions in the air, and an excess

positive ionization of air is harmful to both humans and animals and plants. On the contrary, constant exposure to negative ions provides energy and a sense of well-being, alleviating many health disorders. Using the DBA-600 Dien Ozone Generator, you can solve:

Circulation disorders

Inhalation of negative ions can strengthen the immune system, regularize blood flow by acting on the ability to assimilate and use oxygen, relax the smooth muscles of the airways by improving lung function.

Neurological disorders

Inhalation of negative ions can regulate attention disorders by improving concentration and work efficiency. It promotes a greater balance of mood tone and a better quality of sleep.

Asthmatic disorders and allergies

Negative ions can help eliminate allergens and pollutants in the air,as many suspended particles have positive or neutral charge.

Other ailments

According to some studies negative ions are able to lower the level of serotonin in the blood, neurotransmitter of the gastrointestinal tract important for regulating stress and appetite. As we know stress and anxiety are among the main factors of weight gain. As a result, by inhaling negative ions we can only benefit if our intention is to lose weight.

SOURCE Ozone Generator DBA-600

  1. Turn on the power supply, the digital display will light up in THE position, stand-by mode.
  2. Press the “On/Off” button and the “01” program will be displayed on the digital display. The device will start within 3 seconds, while showing the processing time of the chosen program on the display. If you want to increase or decrease the processing time, press the “-” keys to increase and “-” to decrease.
  3. Press the “On/Off” button, and then press the “Function” button to select the other available programs. Once the affected program is selected, after a few seconds of inactivity the device will start within 3 seconds. The processing time required is the time that will be displayed on the display.

FUNCTION AND USE OF PRODUCT The following section is purely indicative.

Washing fruits and vegetables; Disinfection of fish and food in general.

Function: Neutralizes Viruses and Bacteria, decomposes pesticide residues, fertilizers, other impurities and food additives, in the case of fish artificial hormones and antibiotics, prolonging their duration and freshness.

Operating method: Clean the fruit, vegetables and fish (packaged vegetables must be cut into smaller parts less than 5 cm thick), soak in the water and insert the tube carrying the ventilation filter to the bottom of the container, set the Timer between 10-20 minutes. Once the device is stopped, rinse with running water (For raw fruits and vegetables you can avoid this step).

Note: The use of aluminum containers and other easily oxidable materials is not allowed.

Air Disinfection and Purification

Function: Neutralizes viruses and bacteria in the air, improves the smell and prolongs the freshness of the environment.

Dba-600 ozone generator operation method

It can be adjusted according to the area to be disinfected, generally referring to the space-time ratio of 30 minutes of ozone for every 10 m2, and their needs.

Note: During disinfection, the affected area will have to be kept sealed, and it is not allowed for people and animals to be present. Return to the disinfected area after half an hour of inactivity.

Removal of bad odors

Function: Sterilization, infection prevention, dust removal, bad smells, air renewal in toilets, refrigerator, wardrobe, animal kennel etc

Operating method: Place the ozone device in the area to be dedored, and set the timer based on the space-time ratio of about 10 minutes per m3.

Note: Pay attention to the refrigerator, the closet, the furniture with ante, which do not leave out the ventilation tube.

Disinfection children’s items

Function: Sterilization of children’s products ensuring hygiene and health.

Operating method: Dip clean children’s items (biberons, toys etc)) in cold water, prepare the ozonization by inserting the tube and bringing the ventilation filter to the bottom of the container, set the Timer between 10-20 minutes, and once the disinfection operation is finished drying the objects.

Note: The water temperature should not be too high and should not exceed 35 degrees.

Kitchen dishes and utensils

Function: Sterilization of dishes and kitchen utensils to ensure a proper hygienic condition.

Operating method: Wash the crockery by removing the oil residues, soak in cold water, ozonize the water by setting the timer between 10-20 minutes.

Note: Disinfection of dishes or aluminum objects is not allowed, since it is easily oxidable.

Intimate clothing and personal hygiene items.

Function: Sterilization of laundry in general to ensure complete hygiene and personal health; bacterial charge there, avoiding contamination by mycosis and other types of infections.

Method of operation: Soak your underwear and personal hygiene underwear (such as towels, bath towels) in a cold water container after bleaching, ozonize the water by setting the timer between 10-20 minutes. The action of ozonization carried out before washing in the washing machine facilitates the removal of dirt and stains; thanks to its oxidation properties it relaxes the fibers of the tissues allowing the washing to be more efficient, without causing any damage to the tissues.

Note: Such sterilization on colored garments could result in discoloration; don’t dissolve the bleaching.

Cleansing of the face and body, and oral hygiene.

Function: Cleans the skin and maintains oral hygiene. Ozonized water disinfects the skin, fights wrinkles, acne and eczema. When used to rinse the mouth or brush teeth, it kills the germs of stomatitis, gingivitis, phingo-laryngitis, tooth decay, and facilitates healing.

Operating method: Soak the aerator in warm water and start the device for about 10 minutes before using the water in such ozonized.

Aquarium sterilization

Function:Sterilization, decomposition of impurities, increased oxygen supply; prevents disturbances characteristic of these aquatic environments and reduces the time of periodic cleaning.

Operating method: Place the air tank directly in the fish tank following the space-time ratio of 10 minutes for every 0.5 m3 of water, 20 minutes for every 1 m3 of water, 30 minutes for every 1.5 m3 of water.

Notes: Make sterilization 1-2 times a week. Do not take frequent actions.


Function: Washing pets with ozonized water allows you to remove dirt without excessive use of detergents by improving the brightness and health of the hair and eliminating those unpleasant odors due to the use of such substances. Effective parasitic action. It neutralizes viruses and bacteria that populate kennels and objects for their needs and their enjoyment, reducing the chances of infection.

Operating method: Soak the aerator in warm water for 10 minutes, wash the pet while the device is running.

Note: The water temperature must be around 40 degrees. Be careful not to wet the device with water.

Foot Infections

In the presence of blisters proceed with the treatment lasting 20 minutes twice a week (cold water is best indicated); socks, shoes, soles etc must be sterilized with ozone. General symptoms can improve significantly within 4-10 days.


Ozonize 250 ml of water for 10 minutes. Wait 10 minutes from treatment before drinking. For more important cases drink even from 2-3 glasses of water per day, and the effects will be amazing.

Hemorrhoids, and female disorders

To relieve hemorrhoid disorders or female cyclical disorders take a bath in hot water, and drink water disinfected with ozone.

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