choose the ozone generator
suitable for your needs

for your home

Find ozone generators suitable for small spaces like home, b&b, hotel rooms, offices, garages, cars.

sanificazione casa con Ozono

for your office

Ozone generators to sanitize medium-sized work environments such as offices, shops, labs.

sanitizing ozone offices

Car and trip

Just few minutes to sanitize vehicle’s cabin and hotel room making the trip safer and comfortable.

Car sanitization

for your company

Ozone generators for medium and large environments such as companies, supermarkets, industrial warehouses, gyms.

logistics dien ozone generators

for your pool

Make pool water safer without any aggressive and harmful chemicals.

Pool sanitization

water and food

Increase shelf life,neutralizes synthetic hormones, antibiotics and heavy metals contained in food

Meat and Fish Ozonization

No dead zones

Thanks to its gaseous state, ozone can reach all angles of a delimited area.

smoke sanitization ozone virus cov

viruses and bacteria

It guarantees a high-quality sanitization based on HACCP standards, destroying 99% of viruses and bacteria

smoke sanitization ozone 2

odor removal

Ozone molecules connect with organic and inorganic substances particles and remove bad odor cause.

smoke sanitizing ozone nuts

shelf life

Ozone extends Food quality and shelf life.

no maintenance

It reduces sanitization costs and has no maintenance.

insects and mouses

A well-sanitized ozone environment eliminates insects such as acarus, fleas, ticks, lice, moths, cockroaches and mosquitos.

eco friendly

Ozone removes the use of chemicals which are difficult to dispose of and really harmful for both humans and environment.

Dien ozone generators are the result of an innovative system that will allow you to easily remove Viruses and Bacteria thanks to the oxidizing power of ozone, used to disinfect and sanitize air and water.


the most powerful natural disinfectant

Ozone is the most powerful natural gas which can easily reach also hidden and difficult spaces called as “dead zones” by removing 99.98% impurities.Moreover, thanks to itsoxidizing and sanitizing power, it can inactivate any pathogen in a very short time, viruses, mold, fungus and allergens,in addition to remove bad odors, even the persistent ones. Extremely effective also in the treatment of drinking water than other types such as health farms, swimming pools, SPA, by purifying them from any biological, chemical or mineral contaminant and making them extraordinarily crystal clear.

Ozone sanitization Ozone is produced through small controlled electrical discharges that convert the oxygen in the air into this powerful gas. The use of Ozone Generators is recommended to sanitize domestic environments, offices and shops.

Just connect the machine to an electrical socket and set the timer according to the desired duration and the size of the environment. In order to choose the right device, we recommend you to read the User manual in the “Purchase Guide” section.

Once ozone treatment will be finished, you can enter into a well-sanitized and purified environment. Ozone used during sanitation is not dangerous for both humans and animals if exposed for short periods. In fact Ozone decomposes and turns into oxygen just 10 minutes later the end of treatment.

Sanitization treatment
with DIEN Ozone Generator

first phase

0 %
first phase

The oxygen is transformed into ozone

second phase

1 %
second phase

The ozone produced by the machine eliminates viruses and bacteria on surfaces

third phase

1 %
third phase

Ozone turns into oxygen and air is purified

Ozone used during sanitation is not dangerous for both humans and animals if exposed for short periods.In fact Ozone decomposes and turns into oxygen just 10 minutes later the end of treatment.

There is no residue and the treatment can be managed properly whenever you want.

In addition to the economic benefit, due to the low cost of the Ozone sanitization process,you will avoid handling dangerous and toxic substances by ensuring a better quality of health.